Market Research Indonesia

Market Research Indonesia is a leading management consulting and strategies advisory firm dedicated to support multinational Fortune 500s’ growth in Indonesia. We are specialized in providing premium market research and strategies for our clients to help them obtain better comprehension on the Indonesian market and prowess in the industries. Our team holds determination in supporting our clients by identifying opportunities, advising actionable market entry strategies, as well as presenting reliable insights, data, road-map to enter Indonesian market and accelerate their growth in the country.

Market Research Indonesia Sectoral Focus

We offer professional market research services such as market sizing, competitor profiling, customer segmentation, site selection, and investment partners evaluation – of which quality is maintained at the highest standards possible.

Manufacturing in Indonesia

Our extensive experience in the manufacturing industry earns us the necessary familiarity and ability to communicate in the same manufacturing language which enables us to zoom in to each client’s key issues. Our in-house team is specialized in the following sectors : manufacturing & processing, machinery, industrial & engineering equipment, industrial tools and parts, automation, actuation, electrical gear, testing & control, after market, supply chain and logistics.

Healthcare in Indonesia

We aim to pinpoints the challenges faced by our clients in accelerating their growth within Indonesia’s healthcare industry by assessing their key issues and recommending reliable actionable strategies to implement within various sectors, including medical devices, patient monitoring, medical imaging, health information system, health information technology, and more.

Technology in Indonesia

Our professionals have profound understanding on Indonesia’s rapidly evolving telecom and digital media industries with specialization in semiconductors, e-commerce, game consoles, mobile and PC operating systems, business software, data center, ERP solutions, billing and payment software and solutions, social media,3G/4G/LTE services, mobile apps, mobile enterprise services, feature phones and smart phones sectors.

Green Tech in Indonesia

Market Research Indonesia catches up with the ever-increasing importance of sustainability and growing green technology industry. We are able to dig deep into the core sectors of green cities, waste reduction and facilities management, automation and recycling, renewable energy production and distribution, fuel efficiency in automotive, green transportation systems and networks, green building materials, and building automation.


“We are very pleased to have awarded the project to Solidiance. Solidiance’s team was responsive and diligent. Their timely and well-structured approach helped to keep us aligned on our strategy goals.”

Asia Pacific Marketing Operations Manager

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