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By Market Research Indonesia | Posted May 10, 2019

High Online Traffic Boosts E-Commerce Market in Jakarta

Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia, home to more than 30 million people is one of the busiest cities, both offline and online. The city’s attractiveness for the e-commerce

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By Market Research Indonesia | Posted January 8, 2019

Indonesia to Boost EV Adoption

Indonesia sets an ambitious target on the adoption of electric vehicles (EV) with 2.1 million e-motorcycles and 2,200 e-cars expected to take the road by 2025. However, the

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By Market Research Indonesia | Posted April 4, 2018

Solidiance's Report Takes Look at Future Healthcare Challenge in Indonesia

The latest report of Asia-focused management consulting firm highlights the future cost challenge and value opportunities in healthcare sector in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia which recorded highest prevalence of smoking

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By Market Research Indonesia | Posted February 27, 2018

Facing slower growth in Indonesia's oversupplied market

Many cement manufacturers in Indonesia are struggling to face slower growth rate in the industry recently due to stagnant domestic consumption and an increase in production capacity. How to deal

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By Market Research Indonesia | Posted August 31, 2017

Digital evolution in Indonesia’s banking industry

In today's digital era, changes in technology trends and customer behavior have compelled businesses to be more agile and can quickly adapt to the rapidly evolving market. For the banking

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