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Covid in Indonesia
Indonesia Faces the Risk of Healthcare Collapse Due to the COVID-19 Delta Variant
12 Jul 2021   |   Indonesia

Indonesia could potentially face a much worse crisis than it had faced in 2020 if the government remains idle in handling the healthcare overcapacity.

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Indonesia’s Energy Sector
Indonesia’s Energy Sector to Increase Productivity and Restructure Regulations
16 Apr 2021   |   Indonesia

A decrease in the international trade traffic during 2020 has resulted in Indonesia's coal production to exceed the level set of 550 Million tons.

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Indonesia Investment
Transforming Indonesian Private Equity Methods
31 Mar 2021   |   Indonesia

The COVID-19 Pandemic has created a situation unlike previous recessions recorded. It is unlikely to predict the measure of long-term uncertainties with significant structural differences that have been happening during the 2020 crisis in Indonesia.

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Indonesia Recovery 1
Recovering Indonesia's Economy through Digitalization
17 Mar 2021   |   Indonesia

Indonesia's already volatile market conditions experienced a heavy downfall in the first following months of the pandemic. More than 7% of Indonesian were jobless by August 2020.

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Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreements
Indonesia to Boost Export to Australia as IA-CEPA Enters Into Force
24 Jul 2020   |   Indonesia

The Indonesian government and industry players are gearing up to boost export of key products to Australia, amid slowing trade during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

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