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Stay relevant and updated in Indonesia's financial services industry amidst technological disruptions and regulatory adjustments.

Indonesia Financial Services Consulting Company
Indonesia Financial Services Consulting
Financial industry is essential for national economy. The role of the sector started to increase especially during the wake of financial sector deregulation in 1980s which created a more competitive and supportive environment for economic growth.

Indonesia is also among the fastest-growing countries in the Asia-Pacific region in terms of digitization of financial services. Bank customers who used internet or mobile banking stood at 58% in 2017. This trend is also parallel with the rise of smartphone users which reached 124 million or 57% of the population.

Market Research Indonesia is committed to help you navigate the fast-growing financial industry in the Indonesia. We offer advisory services in several areas such as retail and corporate banking, treasury, wealth and risk management, as well as digital banking. Our professional consultants have deep knowledge about the market and will provide broad insights to win the market.

Our Key Service Offerings

Indonesia Market Intelligence

We are committed to providing evidence-based insights for clients based on our practical experiences. Combined with our Indonesian marketplace insights, clients will get a prediction on future market changes and competitions.

Indonesia Market Entry

We consider actionable options and set the target to reduce financial uncertainty for clients by providing relevant information such as competitors, customers, partners, channels, and suppliers.

Indonesia Competitive Intelligence

We conduct an analysis of Indonesian market competition and learn from the utmost practices to eliminate excessive omissions and reinventions. We guarantee strategic advantage for clients by identifying potential opportunities, improvements, and blind spots.

Indonesia Customer Intelligence

Our team will analyze customers’ persona to see their demographic, behavior, and buying trends to give essential input in new product development.

Our Success Stories

Distribution Network Assessment in Indonesia

Our client was keen to improve market penetration and reduce the distribution cost of their lubricant business in Indonesia.


Our Success Stories

Market Trial and Distributor Partnership Research

Our client aimed to understand the market potential, customer behavior, and distributor partnership for passenger and industrial lubricants in Indonesia.



Growth of Indonesia’s E-Commerce Industry
The Robust Growth of Indonesia’s E-Commerce Industry

How can the country’s digital transformation support business activities and SMEs in the country? We look at the growth and opportunities in Indonesia’s e-commerce market.

Fintech Indonesia
Opportunities in Indonesia’s Growing Fintech Market

We look at the growth of fintech and the potential market size for companies in Indonesia moving forward.

Indonesia Construction
The Booming Growth of the Construction Industry in Indonesia

The construction industry in Indonesia is the fourth-largest contributor to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).

Indonesia’s Business Outlook Post Pandemic
Indonesia’s Business Outlook Post Pandemic

What will Indonesia’s business outlook look like this year and in the next few years? What will Indonesia’s economy look like post-pandemic?

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