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Seize opportunities in Indonesia's evolving consumer and retail market through the adoption of customer-centric and localisation approach.

Indonesia Consumer Trends
Indonesia FMCG Consulting Company
Retail shows no signs of slowing down recently. It is largely driven by the country's rising middle-class consumption. Indonesia is rapidly urbanizing and its consumer spending already at 57% of GDP. Moreover, many unorganized retail outlets are being replaced with big retail hypermarkets.

Indonesia is also one of the hottest e-commerce markets. A study by Google and Temasek indicated that the Indonesian online market will be worth around $53 billion by 2025. It accounted for fro 8% of total retail sales in 2018 and is expected to reach 18% by 2023.

Market Research Indonesia will guide you to capture the opportunities in the market across various areas, including digitalization, digital wallet and marketplace, and social networking service. Our team of professionals is committed to helping you to anticipate the changing needs of buyers and succeed in the market competition.

Our Key Service Offerings

Indonesia Market Intelligence

We learn form best practices as well as our hands-on experiences to gove practical and constructive insights for our clients. Our team will help them to anticipate changes and competitions in the market.

Indonesia Market Entry

Several actionable options are measured as we try to reduce financial uncertainty for clients. We provide relevant informations regarding market conditions, including partners, channels, competitors, customers, suppliers and many more.

Indonesia Competitive Intelligence

We examine market competition in Indonesia and learn from best practices to eliminate excessive omissions and reinventions. We assure clients will get strategic leverage by discovering competitors’ blind spots and untapped opportunities to improve.

Indonesia Customer Intelligence

Our expert team analyses customers’ buying trends, behavior and demographic to give startegic input for the development of new innovations.

Our Success Stories

Distribution Network Assessment in Indonesia

Our client was keen to improve market penetration and reduce the distribution cost of their lubricant business in Indonesia.


Our Success Stories

Market Trial and Distributor Partnership Research

Our client aimed to understand the market potential, customer behavior, and distributor partnership for passenger and industrial lubricants in Indonesia.



Indonesia Construction
The Booming Growth of the Construction Industry in Indonesia

The construction industry in Indonesia is the fourth-largest contributor to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).

Indonesia’s Business Outlook Post Pandemic
Indonesia’s Business Outlook Post Pandemic

What will Indonesia’s business outlook look like this year and in the next few years? What will Indonesia’s economy look like post-pandemic?

Indonesia’s Ecommerce
Driving Growth in Indonesia’s Ecommerce Industry

What does Indonesia’s e-commerce landscape look like, and what opportunities lie in the country’s digital economy for businesses across Southeast Asia?

Indonesia FMCG
An Overview of the FMCG Market Size in Indonesia

The FMCG outlook in Indonesia remains positive, as it is one of the most attractive industries in the country.

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