Construction & Infrastructure

Uncover numerous potential growth in Indonesia's construction and infrastructure industry, as the country set ambitious industry's goals to support economic growth.

Indonesia Constructions Consulting Company
Indonesia Infrastructure Consulting Firm
The industry is strongly booming in Indonesia. The government is strongly raising both public and private spending to grow the industry. The total construction projects market reached IDR 451,337 billion in 2018. It is forecasted to grow by 6.6% in the period 2017-2022.

The country is increasing its infrastructure funding by $10 billion a year. Several priority projects include revitalization of airports, thermal and hydropower plants, toll roads, MRT and the construction of new ports.

Our construction and infrastructure advisory services cover Malaysia's rapidly growing market in various areas, including smart city infrastructure, digitalization in construction, sustainable infrastructure, urban development, green cities, smart buildings, HVAC, and many more. We have experiences in working with different players in this industry, giving us the skill to advise clients to achieve steady growth.

Our Key Service Offerings

Indonesia Market Intelligence

We're competent in providing evidence-based insights for clients thanks to our hands-on experiences. Combine with our Indonesian marketplace insights, we guide clients to foresee the emerging changes and competitions in the market.

Indonesia Market Entry

We examine various options and minimize financial uncertainty for clients by providing related market informations on competitors, customers, partners, channels, and suppliers.

Indonesia Competitive Intelligence

We make analysis of Indonesian market competition by learning from best practices to avoid costly lapses. We guarantee strategic advantage for our clients and help them to discover untapped opportunities, developments and blind spots in the market.

Indonesia Customer Intelligence

Our team of professionals analyses customers’ buying trends, demographics and behavior through buyers' persona for strategic input in new products development.

Our Success Stories

Distribution Network Assessment in Indonesia

Our client was keen to improve market penetration and reduce the distribution cost of their lubricant business in Indonesia.


Our Success Stories

Market Trial and Distributor Partnership Research

Our client aimed to understand the market potential, customer behavior, and distributor partnership for passenger and industrial lubricants in Indonesia.



Growth of Indonesia’s E-Commerce Industry
The Robust Growth of Indonesia’s E-Commerce Industry

How can the country’s digital transformation support business activities and SMEs in the country? We look at the growth and opportunities in Indonesia’s e-commerce market.

Fintech Indonesia
Opportunities in Indonesia’s Growing Fintech Market

We look at the growth of fintech and the potential market size for companies in Indonesia moving forward.

Indonesia Construction
The Booming Growth of the Construction Industry in Indonesia

The construction industry in Indonesia is the fourth-largest contributor to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).

Indonesia’s Business Outlook Post Pandemic
Indonesia’s Business Outlook Post Pandemic

What will Indonesia’s business outlook look like this year and in the next few years? What will Indonesia’s economy look like post-pandemic?

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